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You'll Be Seeing Me [entries|friends|calendar]
your mother

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Titanic: The Sequel [15 Mar 2007|02:40pm]
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[04 Mar 2007|10:29pm]

I wish I still resembled something like that.
No longer in shape, tan, or in possession of a decent GPA. 
It's clear to see that things have gone downhill thanks to a little too much recreational debauchery, which is simply written off as "the freshman experience". 
Nothing I can't handle. Things will turn around very abruptly...I suppose.

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Hairdo/Rome's Arrest [18 Feb 2007|03:45pm]

     Yeah, I got it trimmed. Whatev, it'll return eventually.
Last night: Me and the peoples went to some random complex party and drank the stranger's liquor not knowing that a few hours later one of our good friends would be cuffed and savagely thrown into the back of a fuzz-mobile! Fuck the po po!!! Laura should be on her way at this very moment to bail him out. Disorderly conduct and resisting arrest! ROME IS MY HERO!!
Another memorable evening. Mission accomplished.

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NP @ Actor's Studio [31 Jan 2007|04:02am]

Natalie Portman is my all time favorite!
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